The Law Offices of Timothy Brock McClellan




Timothy Brock McClellan Attorney at Law is a full service litigation and transactional law firm located in Palm Desert, California.  We are located off Country Club Drive in between Cook Street and Washington Street in Palm Desert.  Our focus is on providing efficient, effective and economical professional services in either prosecuting or defending on behalf of our clients.  Our Firm relies on almost complete referrals in the community and works on a daily basis to continue to build on the reputation Mr. McClellan has built over the last eleven years in law wherein we service clients in the State of California and Nebraska.


Our areas of practice include business litigation, personal injury, employment law, insurance, family law, wills/trusts and estates(transactional and probate of estates), traffic matters such as DUI’s and tickets, with abroad wherein we expect to provide excellent services.  Mr. McClellan, a partner in the Firm, also acts as a local arbitrator for the local bar association.